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About DRM4G

DRM4G is an open platform, based on ?GridWay , to define, submit, and manage computational jobs. DRM4G is a Python (2.6+, 3.3+) implementation that provides a single point of control for computing resources without installing any intermediate middlewares. As a result, a user is able to run the same job on laptops, desktops, workstations, clusters, supercomputers, and any grid.

Why DRM4G?

What is DRM4G's architecture?

Infrastructure layer consists of the following components :

New releases

Forthcoming features


New DRM4G Release 2.5.1 - 04/11/2016 -
DRM4G Release 2.5.0 - 22/09/2016 -

List of all releases

Getting started

Example of usage

This section contains examples about how to use the DRM4G CLI.


drm4g is DRM4G's Command Line Interface (CLI) for administrating both computing resources and jobs.

Python API

In order to use the DRM4G API, you only have to install DRM4G on your machine. This python API allows you to create, submit, cancel and monitor DRM4G jobs.