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Versions of ESGFToolsUI

ESGFToolsUI v0.7


JDK from Sun / Oracle (1.5 - newer) or OpenJDK 6ESGFToolsUI-v0.7.jar new
OpenJDK 7ESGFToolsUI-v0.7_ojdk7.jar new
  • One click selection in search checkboxes
  • Supports new policies of pcmdi9 security
  • Login more verbose
  • Progressive saved data in harvesting & download.
  • Fix "inesperate stop error" in harvesting

Another versions of ESGFToolsUI


In this versions openJDK 7 is not supported

Installation in zip versions

  1. Download the zip
  2. Unzip it
  3. Go to unzipped directory
    • In Windows:
      • Open ESGFToolsUI.jar
    • In Linux
      • In shell:
           java -jar ESGFToolsUI.jar