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    152152[[NoteBox(tip, Datasets\, files and aggregations have replicas in data nodes. And the ESGF services (THREDDS\, LAS\, HTTP\, GridFTP and OPeNDAP) are always served at replicas level. That is the reason why the harvesting must be done before the download.)]]
     154=== Search Harvesting Panel ===
     155The harvesting panel may be selected clicking on  the sub-tab "Search Harvesting". In this panel are deployed a list of searches and their harvesting states. Also, provides several options for flow control, complete exploration of harvested datasets and the posibility to do a manual selection of files to put them in download queue.
     157Each harvesting for a search is an element in the list deployed in the harvesting panel. In the figure below can see one search harvesting. In the left are the search data (name of search and configured parameters). In the right are the state data of the harvesting and the flow options, also shows the number of files that are selected from the total number of files and their sizes in bytes.
     159[[NoteBox(note, One harvesting is always of a completed dataset (with all files). However\, a search may include only some files of the total in a dataset (e.g a search with less variables that there is in the dataset or a search in a range of time). That is why\, by default\, the files selected to future downloads (in the aplication or by generation of metalink) are always the files that satisfy ALL search constraints. \\ \\ `Noteworthy` that this application allows to manually select files to download in case that you want to download files that are not selected by default or deselect some of these.)]]
     163The flow control options are below progress bar:
     164* start - start the harvesting
     165* pause - pause the harvesting
     166* remove - remove the search and its harvesting (but the harvesting remains in file system)
     167* reset - remove all data of harvesting in file system and put the state of harvesting to zero)
     169In the center bottom there are the options to explore and download the harvested datasets:
     170||Explore Search||is always visible and allows explore and put to download a individual dataset. Also, view a individual state of harvesting of a dataset||
     171||Export to metalink||is visible when harvesting of search is completed. Allows to generate a metalink file with the files and its resources (replicas in data nodes)||
     172||Download ...||is visible when harvesting of search is completed. Allows to put  to download all files that satisfy the constraints of the search or to put to download a set of files manually selected of  the search||