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What is ESGF Tools UI?

A tool that is integrated in ToolsUI NetCDF Java for including a desktop client for ESGF services, with features like search of data along multiple nodes, download manager and metadata aggregation for allowing a full exploration through dataset services.

The added functionality in ToolsUI NetCDF is in ESGF tab. This tab contains 4 sub-tabs, each one with an specific functionality.

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Getting started


JDK from Sun / Oracle (1.5 - newer) or OpenJDK 6

OpenJDK 7 is not supported


  1. Download the zip in
  2. Unzip it
  3. Go to unzipped directory
    • In Windows:
      • Open ESGFToolsUI.jar
    • In Linux
      • In sell:
           java -jar ESGFToolsUI.jar

Search of ESGF Climate Data

A search in ESGF returns the records that matching the search constraints after querying to an index node. The ESGF search service is always served by a index node and this node is able to do local and distributed searches. In this tool, the distributed capabilities of the ESGF are used so any selected index node will be used to query all nodes in the ESGF system.

The search panel of ESGF climate data is in the "Search" sub-tab. The search constraints are defined by parameter configuration in the panel or by introduction of a free-text search query. The result are the number of records finding in the federation that satisfy the constraints of search (in panel in bottom right area). Record is the physical replica of a climate dataset that are stored on a data node.

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