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     1* '''__dataInventory.R__'''
     3Prior to data analysis, a common need is to have an overview of all data available and their structure (variables, dimensions, units, geographical extent, time span ...). The function `dataInventory.R` is intended to perform this task, returning a list of components summarizing the main characteristics of the selected dataset. The function is called in the following way:
     6dataInventory(dataset, print.summary = TRUE)
     9The arguments are next described:
     11* `dataset`: a character string indicating the full path to the virtual dataset (a `ncml` file). This can be either a path containing the directory and name of the file, or an appropriate URL in case the dataset is remotely accessed (e.g., via the [ SPECS-EUPORIAS THREDDS]).
     12* `print.summary`: logical flag indicating if a summary table is printed on screen, in addition to the output list.
     14The output of the function consists of a list of variable length depending on the number of variables contained in the dataset, following this structure:
     16 * `Name of the variable`
     17    * `Description`
     18    * `Name`
     21* '''__loadSystem4.R__'''
    123The ''SPECS-EUPORIAS Data Portal'' can be remotely accessed from R via the [mtl:browser:MLToolbox/trunk/MLToolbox_experiments/antonio/system4/r/loadSystem4.R loadSystem4.R] function. Note that this function is part of a more comprehensive R package currently under development. This function automatically cares about the proper location of the right indices for data sub-setting across the different variable dimensions, given a few simple arguments for subset definition. In addition, instead of retrieving a NetCDF file that needs to be opened and read, the requested data is directly loaded into the current R working session, according to a particular structure described below, prior to data analysis and/or representation.