• [30-May-2013] Bug reported in the deaccumulation sub-routine of loadSeasonalForecast. The problem lies in the structure of the data matrix when the "initDays" (used for initializing the deaccumulation) are removed from the final Data matrix. Only occurs when length(members) > 1. Fixed on [06-Jun-2013]
  • [31-May-2013] Bug reported in dataInventory. For the merra dataset dimension level is called lev instead of level, and the dimension is not recognized, returning the values of the last axis recognized (in this case the time axis). Change lon, lat and level by the regular expressions ^lon,^lat, and ^lev to avoid confusions. Fixed on [06-Jun-2013]
  • [06-Jun-2013] In loadSeasonalForecast output, change the value of VarName from the short name to the standard name defined in the dictionary (only when standard.vars = TRUE) Fixed on [06-Jun-2013]
  • [06-Jun-2013] Indicate in the output of loadSeasonalForecast if the variable returned is standard. Fixed on [06-Jun-2013]
  • [17-Jun-2013] la funcion dataInventory no reconoce la variable "zeta" del dataset EOBS de AEMET ver ticket 251. Fixed on [31-Jul-2013]
  • [17-Jun-2013] loadGCM no carga la variable psl (que no tiene nivel). Reported by Maru. I have included a tryCatch subroutine to avoid problems when there are no vertical levels defined but argument level is specified by accident. Fixed on [31-Jul-2013]
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