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Como Actualizar la version de ZFS pool

admin@seal:~$ zpool get version oceano
oceano  version   22       local

admin@seal:~$ zpool upgrade -v
This system supports ZFS pool feature flags.

The following versions are supported:

---  --------------------------------------------------------
 1   Initial ZFS version
 2   Ditto blocks (replicated metadata)
 3   Hot spares and double parity RAID-Z
 4   zpool history
 5   Compression using the gzip algorithm
 6   bootfs pool property
 7   Separate intent log devices
 8   Delegated administration
 9   refquota and refreservation properties
 10  Cache devices
 11  Improved scrub performance
 12  Snapshot properties
 13  snapused property
 14  passthrough-x aclinherit
 15  user/group space accounting
 16  stmf property support
 17  Triple-parity RAID-Z
 18  Snapshot user holds
 19  Log device removal
 20  Compression using zle (zero-length encoding)
 21  Deduplication
 22  Received properties
 23  Slim ZIL
 24  System attributes
 25  Improved scrub stats
 26  Improved snapshot deletion performance
 27  Improved snapshot creation performance
 28  Multiple vdev replacements

admin@seal:~$ sudo zpool upgrade oceano
This system supports ZFS pool feature flags.

Successfully upgraded 'oceano' from version 22 to version 5000

admin@seal:~$ zpool get version oceano

oceano  version   -        default

En las notas de la version encontramos una explicacion( ZFS feature flags concept ) a que aparezca un - en la columna version:

This release includes the async zfs destroy feature from illumos that comes with a new zpool version. Remember upgrading a zpool is a non-reversable command and any zpools you upgrade may not be readable with previous versions of OI, including other BEs on the same system. The ZFS feature flags concept is documented here: In this context the "zpool version" becomes a legacy concept, and the number is set to 5000 on existing pools during a "zpool upgrade" run

admin@seal:~$ zpool get all oceano
NAME    PROPERTY               VALUE                  SOURCE
oceano  size                   132T                   -
oceano  capacity               92%                    -
oceano  altroot                -                      default
oceano  health                 ONLINE                 -
oceano  guid                   13935394210464928120   default
oceano  version                -                      default
oceano  bootfs                 -                      default
oceano  delegation             on                     default
oceano  autoreplace            off                    default
oceano  cachefile              -                      default
oceano  failmode               wait                   default
oceano  listsnapshots          off                    default
oceano  autoexpand             off                    default
oceano  dedupditto             0                      default
oceano  dedupratio             1.01x                  -
oceano  free                   9.43T                  -
oceano  allocated              123T                   -
oceano  readonly               off                    -
oceano  comment                -                      default
oceano  expandsize             0                      -
oceano  freeing                0                      default
oceano  feature@async_destroy  disabled               local