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Build and deploy into local from source

  1. git clone git:// thredds
  2. cd thredds
  3. git checkout 5.0.0 # to compile version 5, checkout any branch you want
  4. ./gradlew assemble # gradle puts the war in ./tds/build/libs/
  5. cp ./tds/build/libs/tds-5.0.0-SNAPSHOT.war <TOMCAT_DIRECTORY>/webapps/thredds.war # it is not recommended to change default context path (thredds)

After these steps, if tomcat is configured by default, the THREDDS server and the default datasets should be available in localhost:8080/thredds

Detailed info in [1].

Import thredds in eclipse

Once we have the git repo cloned:

  1. Open eclipse
  2. Install the "Buildship gradle integration" plugin (in eclipse, Help -> Eclipse Marketplace and enter "gradle" in the search box)
  3. Restart eclipse
  4. Go to File -> Import... -> Existing Gradle project, select your thredds folder cloned from github and click next
  5. Select Gradle wrapper and click next
  6. Click finish. Now you should see a bunch of projects in your project explorer

Debugging thredds in eclipse

  1. Start tomcat from a terminal: <TOMCAT_DIRECTORY>/bin/ jpda start
  2. Go to eclipse and select, in the top bar, Run -> Debug configurations... -> Remote Java Application and click New
  3. Choose a name for the configuration, e.g. thredds.
  4. Click Browse... and select the tds project from the project selection window
  5. Be sure that the host is localhost and the port is 8000
  6. Click Apply

If you add a breakpoint to some class and do some navigation in the browser, eclipse will stop the execution and will open the debug perspective.

Compiling apache 2.4 and mod_jk from source

  1. wget -i downloads.txt (see attachments)
  2. apt-get install build-essential
  3. Extract all downloads from downloads.txt
  4. Build apr: ./configure ; make ; make install
  5. Build apr-util: ./configure --with-apr=<APR_SOURCE_CODE_DIR> ; make ; make install
  6. Build pcre: ./configure --with-prefix=/usr/local/pcre/ ; make ; make install
  7. Build httpd: ./configure ; make ; make install
  8. Build tomcat-connectors: ./configure --with-apxs=/usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs ; make ; make install
  9. It's necessary to execuet ldconfig in a terminal (why?)
  10. Test: /usr/local/apache2/bin/apachectl start

[1] -

TDS Monitoring

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