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     2De: John Caron <>
     3Fecha: 30 de abril de 2015 17:23:33 GMT+02:00
     4Para: NetCDF-Java community <>, THREDDS community <>
     5Asunto: [netcdf-java] For developers using THREDDS github
     6> Hi all:
     8> If you build TDS/NetCDF-java from source, you may have noticed that many branches  disappeared from the thredds GitHub repository yesterday. The most notables changes are the removal of the 4.6.0 branch and the renaming of the 4.6.1 branch to master.
     10> The rationale behind these changes is to simplify the development process, both for the main developers and for external contributions through github. Our previous model involved creating new branches for each version under development, such as 4.6.1. Once a new version was released, that branch was considered frozen, and the new version branch was created. This process of continually switching branches creates problems with easily merging community contributed pull requests (among other problems).
     12> We have now moved to a model where the branch `master` denotes the current active development branch. This is the branch to use for any contributions to THREDDS. The code for all previous releases is still easily accessible using the tags created for each release. For instance, the code for 4.6.0 can be checked out from the v4.6.0 tag:
     14>   git checkout -b 4.6.0 v4.6.0
     16> If you had code changes on 4.6.0, you'll need to rebase them on master:
     18>   git rebase master your_branch_name
     20> If you were working based on 4.6.1, you just need to point the existing branch at master:
     22>   git branch -u origin master
     24> So, in general, you want to be working with the source code on the master branch. (There may be exceptions where you need to be on an older or newer branch, please let us know if you think that's the case).
     26> We apologize for any inconvenience these changes have caused. Please let us know if you see any problems.
     28> The THREDDS development team