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    1 = Thredds development with eclipse =
     1= Thredds development with Eclipse =
    33We have to follow some steps to develop Thredds project with Eclipse IDE and Java Environment. Thredds is a project that uses Maven so we will configurate Maven in our pc too.
    5 == Setting up java envionment in your pc: ==
     5== How to configurate Java environment in your pc: ==
    7  === 1- Download JDK (Java Development Kit) latest release 1.7, Maven and eclipse ===
     7 === 1- Download JDK (Java Development Kit) latest release 1.7, Maven and Eclipse ===
    72 == How to integrate Maven in eclipse and import Thredds project ==
     72== How to integrate Maven in Eclipse and import Thredds project ==
    7474=== Maven integration ===
    8181Check on Maven Integration for Eclipse and follow the steps
    83 Restart eclipse
     83Restart Eclipse
    8585=== Import thredds project ===
    86 Go to File > Import > Maven > Existing Maven Projects > Select thredds folder
     86Go to File > Import > Maven > Check out Maven Projects from SCM
    88 At this point you can select all the subprojects that you want because thredds includes a lot of subprojects such as tds, tdm, etc.
     88To download thredds project from remote server, m2eclipse needs git SCM Connector. So click on m2e Marketplace and install git connector. You will see an installation wizard. After the installation finishes, select git from SCM URL, paste the following URL: and click on finish.
    90 Wait for building and validation
     90A Checking out and Building process will be started. It could take several minutes so be patient.
     92== How to fix opendap bug ==
     94Eclipse Project Explorer contains thredds-parent project and all its subprojects. Opendap subproject has a bug in some java classes caused by an old uri declaration on package sentence. Go to each class, click on error sentence and solve the problem by clicking "Change package declaration to...". In remove the two unused imports.
     96== Configure and deploy TDS over Apache Tomcat 6 in Eclipse ==
     98Now we will focus on TDS subproject. TDS is a web project that contains J2EE web project structure but Eclipse doesn't interpret it as a web project. It's neccesary to add web project facet. So right click on tds subproject > Properties >Project facets > Convert to faceted form... > Check Dynamic web module > Right click on Dynamic Web Module > Change version > 2.5 > Apply > OK
     100Delete WebContent empty structure. It was created by Dynamic web module facet.
     102== How to fix tds bugs ==
     1041- newExamples.xml: add an space on line 118 col 44
     1052- UnidataDD2MI.xsl : change version 1.1 to 2.0 on line 2 col 26
     1063- wms folder needs taglib folder so you can copy it.
     108== Change Context root ==
     109Project properties > Web Project Settings. Replace tds for thredds Apply and OK.
     111== Change Deployment Assembly ==
     1121. Project properties > Deployment Assembly
     113Add.. > Folder > /src/main/webapp
     1152. Remove /WebContent source
     1173. Go to Java Build path > Order and Export and check on Maven Dependencies. Then click on add > Java Build Path Entries > Maven dependencies
     1194. Rebuild project
     121Now the project is prepared to deploy