How to use MACC facilities


To start working at MACC you need to login to one, which is the User Inertface of MACC.

Login to is done via Secure Shell network protocol (ssh):

ssh <userid>

where <user id> stands for your login name provided by the supervisor:


Storage management

The MACC utilizes a storage approach on based:

  • HOME (100 GB per user), /oceano/gihc/userid is the file system you log into, it is backed up and should be used to store source code, scripts, and important results.

  • WORK file system, /oceano/gihc/work is project based and provides disk space for large amount of data.
[user@localhost ~] tree /oceano/gihc/
├── gabisw 
├── jorgesw 
├── melisw 
└── work
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