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WRF configuration

To use WRF model in WRF4G2.0 you have to configure app variable in the experiment.wrf4g file. By default, WRF4G2.0 provides a bundle with all you need to simulate an experiment, for instance :

app = wrf_all_in_one | bundle | /home/user/wrf4g/repository/apps/WRF/WRFbin-3.4.1_r2265_gfortran.tar.gz

This bundle is able to be used for any x86_64 Linux system, and contains binaries, libraries and configuration files for WRF3.4.1 build against gfortranx.x, openmpix.x and netcdfx.x, which are include in the bundle too.

But WRF4G if you want to use your own WRF installed on your machine or on a cluster

app =   wps | command | module load wps/4.5.1
        wrf | command | module load wrf/4.5.1