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This page will try to answer the most common questions about WRF4G.

Failed connection to gwd

If you execute wrf4g_submit and see this error, you will probably has GridWay in Stopped status:

[user@mycomputer~]$ wrf4g_submit -e test
connect(): Connection refused
FAILED: failed connection to gwd 

In order to solve the problem, first, you have to check out the wrf4g_framework status.

[user@mycomputer~]$ wrf4g_framework status
GridWay Stopped
MySQL Stopped

Then you have to execute wrf4g_framework start:

[user@mycomputer~]$ wrf4g_framework start
Starting GridWay.......  OK
Starting MySQL.......  OK

You execute wrf4g_resources and you only see zeros

In this case, framework4g.conf has probably been configured wrong. You should go to $HOME/WRF4G/var/drm4g_im.log in order to see more information about your problem.

[user@mycomputer~]$ wrf4g_resources 
HID PRI  OS              ARCH   NODES(U/F/T) LRMS               HOSTNAME                      
0   1                       0         0/0/0                     mycomputer1