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This page will try to answer the most common questions about WRF4G.

Failed connection to gwd

If you execute wrf4g_submit and see this error, you will probably has GridWay in Stopped status:

[user@mycomputer~]$ wrf4g_submit -e test
connect(): Connection refused
FAILED: failed connection to gwd 

In order to solve the problem, first, you have to check out the wrf4g_framework status.

[user@mycomputer~]$ wrf4g_framework status
GridWay Stopped
MySQL Stopped

Then you have to execute wrf4g_framework start:

[user@mycomputer~]$ wrf4g_framework start
Starting GridWay.......  OK
Starting MySQL.......  OK

How can I reconfigure the features of my experiment ?

If you want to reconfigure the features of one experiment and you execute wrf4g_prepare command again in order to do it, you will see:

[user@mycomputer~]$ wrf4g_prepare 
Warning: You are using resources.wrf4g located in the /home/carlos/WRF4G/etc/ directory.
Experiment already exists

You need to execute wrf4g_prepare --reconfigure.

[user@mycomputer~]$ cat experiment.wrf4g | grep "end_date="\"

[user@mycomputer~]$ cat experiment.wrf4g | grep "end_date="\"

[user@mycomputer~]$ wrf4g_prepare --reconfigure
Warning: You are using resources.wrf4g located in the /home/carlos/WRF4G/etc/ directory.
Preparing namelist...
WRF Check Warning: CAM radiation selected but paerlev/levsiz/cam_abs_dim1/cam_abs_dim2 was not set. Fixing...
WRF Check Warning: radt is shorter than dx (0.500000)

---> Single params run
---> Continuous run
        ---> cycle_chunks: test 2011-08-28_12:00:00 2011-09-01_00:00:00
                ---> chunks 1: test 2011-08-28_12:00:00 2011-08-29_00:00:00
                ---> chunks 2: test 2011-08-29_00:00:00 2011-08-29_12:00:00
                ---> chunks 3: test 2011-08-29_12:00:00 2011-08-30_00:00:00
                ---> chunks 4: test 2011-08-30_00:00:00 2011-08-30_12:00:00
                ---> chunks 5: test 2011-08-30_12:00:00 2011-08-31_00:00:00
                ---> chunks 6: test 2011-08-31_00:00:00 2011-08-31_12:00:00
                ---> chunks 7: test 2011-08-31_12:00:00 2011-09-01_00:00:00

What should I do if want to resubmit an experiment?

If the experiment test1 has finished with an error and you want to rerun the experiment again. What should you execute on shell?

[user@mycomputer~]$ wrf4g_submit --rerun -f -e test1
Submitting realization: "test1"
        Submitting Chunk 1:     2011-08-28_12:00:00     2011-08-29_00:00:00
        Submitting Chunk 2:     2011-08-29_00:00:00     2011-08-29_12:00:00
        Submitting Chunk 3:     2011-08-29_12:00:00     2011-08-30_00:00:00

What should I do if I want to rerun an specific chunk of a realization?