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WRF4G Grid Resources currently are defined by GridWay Drivers, therefore if you want to access to Grid Resources, you must configure gwd.conf. This file is located under $GW_LOCATION/etc.

WRF4G GridWay Drivers Available

The following drivers are included in WRF4G:

  • Information Driver:
    • BDII (gw_im_mad_mds2_glue-bdii)
  • Transfer Driver:
    • Dummy Transfer driver (gw_tm_mad_dummy)
  • Execution Drivers:
    • GRAM2 (gw_em_mad_gram2)
    • CREAM (gw_em_mad_cream)

Required Middleware

The following middlewares should be installed to use the corresponding drivers:

  • Globus Toolkit 2 and above, and gLite 3.1 (GRAM2-based)
  • gLite UI 3.2 (CREAM-based)

Configuration options Divers

Next steps describe an specific configuration of the drivers for Gisela Infrastructure. However, the examples below can be applied to any VO.

In file "$GW_LOCATION/etc/gwd.conf":

# Example GT2
IM_MAD = gt2:gw_im_mad_mds2_glue-bdii:-l etc/gt2.list -q (GlueCEAccessControlBaseRule=VO\ -s
EM_MAD = em_gt2:gw_em_mad_gram2::rsl_nsh
TM_MAD = tm_gt2:gw_tm_mad_dummy:-u gsiftp\://

# Example CREAM
IM_MAD = cream:gw_im_mad_mds2_glue-bdii:-l etc/cream.list -q (GlueCEAccessControlBaseRule=VO\ -s
EM_MAD = em_cream:gw_em_mad_cream::jdl
TM_MAD = tm_cream:gw_tm_mad_dummy:-g

There are three options for the configuration of the IM MAD:

  • -l: host list file to be used.
    • Example of gt2.list for Gisela Infrastructure:
      [user@ui~]$ lcg-infosites --vo ce | awk 'NR>2 {print $6}'|grep jobmanager |awk -F ":" '{print $1}' | uniq
    • Example of cream.list for Gisela Infrastructure:
      [user@ui~]$ lcg-infosites --vo ce | awk 'NR>2 {print $6}'|grep cream |awk -F ":" '{print $1}' | uniq
  • -q: it is possible to configure a GridWay instance to only use queues authorized to your VO by filtering them.
  • -s: information server in a hierarchical configuration.
    IM_MAD = gt2:gw_im_mad_mds2_glue-bdii:-l etc/gt2.list -q (GlueCEAccessControlBaseRule=VO\ -s

There are two options for the configuration of the TM MAD:

  • -g: starts a GASS server.
  • -u: specifies the URL of a GridFTP server running in the client. For example:
    TM_MAD = tm_gt2:gw_tm_mad_dummy:-u gsiftp\://

Running environment

After configuring a experiment in experiment.wrf4g, we can choose the running environment we want for it (data repositories, number of cores to use, requirements that Computing Resources must fulfill,...). This configuration is done in resources.wrf4g.

If resources.wrf4g is not present in the folder from where the experiment is submitted, the system will use the default one located in $WRF4G_LOCATION/etc/.


Accessing the VOMS servers

To use the Grid Resources, the user should iniatilize the proxy through voms server:

[user@ui~]$ voms-proxy-init --voms
Cannot find file or dir: /oceano/gmeteo/users/carlos/.glite/vomses
Enter GRID pass phrase:
Your identity: /DC=es/DC=irisgrid/O=unican/
Creating temporary proxy ........................................ Done
Contacting [/C=BR/O=ICPEDU/O=UFF BrGrid CA/O=UFRJ/OU=IF/CN=host/] "" Done
Creating proxy ................................... Done
Your proxy is valid until Tue Aug 23 22:15:06 2011