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Required Middleware

The following middlewares should be installed to use the corresponding drivers:

  • Globus Toolkit 4 or 5
  • gLite UI 3.1 (GRAM2-based)
  • gLite UI 3.2 (CREAM-based)

Configuration to access to Grid Resources

Next steps describe an specific configuration of the drivers for Grid Infrastructure.

In file "$GW_LOCATION/etc/gwd.conf":

# Example GT2
IM_MAD = gt2:gw_im_mad_mds2_glue-bdii:-l etc/gt2.list -q (GlueCEAccessControlBaseRule=VO\ -s
EM_MAD = em_gt2:gw_em_mad_gram2::rsl_nsh
TM_MAD = tm_gt2:gw_tm_mad_dummy:-u gsiftp\://

# Example CREAM
IM_MAD = cream:gw_im_mad_mds2_glue-bdii:-l etc/cream.list -q (GlueCEAccessControlBaseRule=VO\ -s
EM_MAD = em_cream:gw_em_mad_cream::jdl
TM_MAD = tm_cream:gw_tm_mad_dummy:-g

There are three options for the configuration of the IM MAD:

  • -l: host list file to be used.
    • Example of gt2.list for Gisela Infrastructure:
      [user@ui~]$ lcg-infosites --vo $VO ce | awk 'NR>2 {print $6}'|grep jobmanager |awk -F ":" '{print $1}' | uniq
    • Example of cream.list for Gisela Infrastructure:
      [user@ui~]$ lcg-infosites --vo $VO ce | awk 'NR>2 {print $6}'|grep cream |awk -F ":" '{print $1}' | uniq
  • -q: it is possible to configure a GridWay instance to only use queues authorized to your VO by filtering them.
  • -s: information server in a hierarchical configuration.
    IM_MAD = gt2:gw_im_mad_mds2_glue-bdii:-l etc/gt2.list -q (GlueCEAccessControlBaseRule=VO\ -s

There are two options for the configuration of the TM MAD:

  • -g: starts a GASS server.
  • -u: specifies the URL of a GridFTP server running in the client. For example:
    TM_MAD = tm_gt2:gw_tm_mad_dummy:-u gsiftp\://

Accessing the VOMS servers

To use the Grid Resources, the user should iniatilize the proxy through voms server:

[user@ui~]$ voms-proxy-init --voms
Cannot find file or dir: /oceano/gmeteo/users/carlos/.glite/vomses
Enter GRID pass phrase:
Your identity: /DC=es/DC=irisgrid/O=unican/
Creating temporary proxy ........................................ Done
Contacting [/C=BR/O=ICPEDU/O=UFF BrGrid CA/O=UFRJ/OU=IF/CN=host/] "" Done
Creating proxy ................................... Done
Your proxy is valid until Tue Aug 23 22:15:06 2011