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Required Software

WRF4G need the following software preinstalled:

Platform Notes

WRF4G has been run only in 64bits platforms. Currently has been tested under the following O.S.:


export WRF4G_LOCATION=$install_path/WRF4G
export GW_LOCATION=$WRF4G_LOCATION/opt/drm4g_gridway-5.7

Quickstart Guide

wrf4g_framework start

cd $WRF4G_LOCATION/experiments/single/testc
valva@sipc18:~/pruebasWRF/WRF4G/experiments/single/testc$ wrf4g_ps 
Realization Status   Chunks     Comp.Res   WN         Run.Sta       ext   %
testc       Done     3/3        mycomputer sipc18     Finished       0 100.00

To run a different experiment, you only need to modify the following files according to your needs:

For example, to add a new PBS cluster to run jobs:

Veryfing installation

$ ~/wrf4g$ gwhost 
HID PRIO OS              ARCH  MHZ  %CPU    MEM(F/T)     DISK(F/T)      N(U/F/T) LRMS               HOSTNAME                      
0   1    GNU/Linux2.6.32 unkno 1000    0   1822/3270     2139/8662         0/1/1 FORK               mycomputer 


If you find any problem, please ?submit us a ticket!!