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prolog.wrf4g file

prolog.wrf4g configuration file allows specify tools to be used locally on the remote computing resources. This file has to be in the directory in which experiment.wrf4g is located. In order to help you, we show two possible examples bellow:

  • In this first example, we want to use your own WRF, WPS and NetCDF library compilation available on your remote computing resources. If we assume that all the jobs from an experiment has access to a local versions. WRF4G will use there binaries (ungrib.exe ,metgrid.exe, real.exe, wrf.exe and ncdump) in order to simulate the experiments.
    [user@mycomputer~]$ cat prolog.wrf4g
    export PATH=~/WPS:$PATH
    export PATH=~/WRFV3/run:$PATH
    export PATH=~/netCDF/bin:$PATH
  • This second example presents a bash shell code which basically distinguishes between two resources using $GW_HOSTNAME variable. In this example, on mycomputer, you will use mpich2 with ethernet connection and on mycomputer2, you will use mvapich2 with infiniband connection.
    [user@mycomputer~]$ cat prolog.wrf4g
    if [ $GW_HOSTNAME = mycomputer ]; then
        use WRFV3.3.1
        use netCDF4.1.3
        use mpich2
    if [ $GW_HOSTNAME = mycomputer2 ]; then
        use WRFV3.3.1
        use netCDF4.1.3
        use mvapich2

How to know the value of all $GW_HOSTNAME variable?

[user@mycomputer~]$ wrf4g_resources | awk {'print $11'}