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Run a simple experiment on the local machine

Before starting this tutorial make sure you have correctly installed and configured WRF4G on your machine.

List the resources

Prepare a experiment

Submit a experiment to the Local Computer =

  • wrf4g_ps returns the following information:
    • Realization: Realization name. It is taken from the field experiment_name in experiment.wrf4g.
    • Status: It can be take the following values: Prepared, Submitted, Running, Failed and Done).
    • Chunks [Chunk running/Total Chunks]: A realization is split into chunks. Each chunk is sent as a job.
    • Computer resource: Resource (cluster) where the job is running.
    • WN: Computing node where the job is running.
    • Run.Sta: Job status in the WN (Downloading data, running ungrib, real, wrf, ...)
    • ext: Exit Code. If exit code is different from 0, there has been an error. Error codes are explained in $WRF4G_LOCATION/lib/bash/
    • % : percentage of simulation finished.
  • Check the simulation output and log files in $WRF4G_LOCATION/repository/output

To run a different experiment, you only need to modify the following files according to your needs:

  • experiment.wrf4g: Experiment configuration: type of experment, simulation dates, restarts, physics,...
  • resources.wrf4g: With this file the resources used by a WRF experiment are configured: data repository, number of processes for MPI, version of WRF to run,.. By default there is a file that stores a configuration that affects to every experiment ($WRF4G_LOCATION/etc/resources.wrf4g). If a file with this name (resources.wrf4g) is found in the folder where experiment.wrf4g is stored, this file will be used instead of the application one ($WRF4G_LOCATION/etc/resources.wrf4g)
  • $WRF4G_LOCATION/etc/framework4g.conf: Database and computing resources configuration. After modifying this file, wrf4g_framework restart must be run.

For example, to add a new PBS cluster to run jobs:

  • First modify the file $WRF4G_LOCATION/etc/framework4g.conf to add more resources (More information about how to add resources):
    mycomputer         local://localhost?LRMS_TYPE=fork;NODECOUNT=1
    ui01              local://localhost?LRMS_TYPE=pbs;QUEUE_NAME=estadistica
  • Change the following fields in $WRF4G_LOCATION/etc/resources.wrf4g or copy $WRF4G_LOCATION/etc/resources.wrf4g where experiment.wrf4g is located:
    • The repository data if the cluster do not access them directly.
    • NP to the number of MPI processess you want to use
    • REQUIREMENTS if you want to choose the resource that will run the experiment. REQUIREMENTS ='HOSTNAME = "*ui01*";'
  • Restart the wrf4g_framework: wrf4g_framework restart
  • Submit the experiment with a different name (change the name in experiment.wrf4g)
    cd $WRF4G_LOCATION/experiments/single/snd50c