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Reforecast Tutorial

How to get WRF4G

The latest official version can get it by direct download ?WRF4G.tar.gz. Before you get it, you have to check the WRF4G requirements:

See the installation guide for moreover information.

Quick deploy guide

Deploy WRF4G

Download and unpack the distribution file into the deployment directory (e.g. $HOME directory).

[user@localhost ~]$ cd 
[user@localhost ~]$ wget
[user@localhost ~]$ tar xzvf WRF4G.tar.gz

Setup the WRF4G environment.

[user@localhost ~]$ export PATH=$HOME/WRF4G/bin:$PATH

In order to avoid typing the export command every time you open a terminal, you should copy it into $HOME/.bashrc.

[user@localhost ~]$ echo "export PATH=$HOME/WRF4G/bin:$PATH" >> $HOME/.bashrc


To verify that WRF4G

[user@localhost ~]$ wrf4g_framework start
Starting DRM4G (GridWay) .... OK
Starting WRF4G_DB (MySQL) ... OK

How to configure computing resources

How to use WRF4G CLI

Creating a WRF experiment

How to manage WRF4G errors