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     1After configuring a experiment in {{{experiment.wrf4g}}}, we can choose the running environment we want for it (data repositories, number of cores to use, requirements that Computing Resources must fulfill,...). This configuration is done in {{{resources.wrf4g}}}.
    2 The {{{resources.wrf4g}}} file sets up the running environment. A sample file may look like this:
     3If resources.wrf4g is not present in the folder from where the experiment is submitted, the system will use the default one located in $WRF4G_LOCATION/etc/.
    45  {{{
    5   WRF4G_VERSION="0.0.2"
    6   WRF_VERSION="3.1_r83MPICH_SPRE"
    7   WRF4G_BASEPATH="gsi"
    8   WRF4G_INPUT="gsi"
    9   WRF4G_APPS="gsi"
    10   JOB_TYPE="EELA_grid_job"
    11   NUMBER_OF_NODES=1     # number of nodes/TOTAL processes
    12   PROCESSES_PER_NODE=4  # number of threads per node
     6  WRF4G_VERSION="1.0beta"
     7  WRF_VERSION="3.1.1_r832INTEL_OMPI"
     8  WRF4G_BASEPATH="$WRF4G_LOCATION/repository/output"
     9  WRF4G_DOMAINPATH="$WRF4G_LOCATION/repository/domains"
     10  WRF4G_INPUT="$WRF4G_LOCATION/repository/input"
     11  WRF4G_APPS="$WRF4G_LOCATION/repository/apps"
     12  NP=8
     13  REQUIREMENTS ='HOSTNAME = "*ui0*";'
    1314  }}}
    2728                     +-- restart
    2829                     |    `-- wrfrst_d01_1990-01-01_12:00:00
    29                      `-- wpsout
     30                     `-- realout
    3031  }}}
    3132 This path can be local or remote. Local paths look like {{{/path/to/base/path}}} or {{{file:///path/to/base/path}}}. Additionally, the following protocols are supported (in general, any protocol supported by vcp): GSIFTP as {{{gsiftp://host[:port]/path/to/base/path}}}, RSYNC as {{{rsync://[user@]host/path/to/base/path}}}
    3334 WRF4G_APPS:: This is the path for the application binaries. Here you must find the files {{{WRF4G-[WRF4G_VERSION].tar.gz}}} and {{{WRF4Gbin-[WRF_VERSION].tar.gz}}}. Supports the same access protocols as WRF4G_BASEPATH.
    3435 JOB_TYPE:: The type of job to be run. This option selects the submitter to be used. A valid {{{wrf4g_submit.[JOB_TYPE]}}} file must exists in the {{{ui/scripts}}} directory
    35  NUMBER_OF_NODES:: Number of nodes to request in a parallel job
    36  PROCESSES_PER_NODE:: Number of processes per node to request in a parallel job
    37 When using the WRF4G infrastructure for running locally, one must specify, at least, a base directory ('''WRF4G_RUN_SHARED''') to run the jobs (in the GRID this is not necessary since an specific directory is created for each job and they cannot collide). For a parallel job, this run directory must be shared in order for the worker nodes to find the executables run by the master process. Additionally, to avoid network stress in NFS mounted filesystems, the simulation can have a shared directory ('''WRF4G_RUN_SHARED''') and a local directory ('''WRF4G_RUN_LOCAL''') where the model dumps the output before sending it to the final destination under WRF4G_BASEPATH.
    38  WRF4G_QUEUE_NAME:: Name of the queue in a local system where the jobs are to be submitted
    39  WRF4G_QUEUE_WALLTIME:: Walltime to be set for each chunk on the queue
    40  WRF4G_QUEUE_MEMORY:: Memory to be used by your jobs
    41  WRF4G_QUEUE_PEAKMEM:: Some systems (e.g. SGE) allow memory comsumptions over the WRF4G_QUEUE_MEMORY specification and have another hard limit for the memory usage before killing your job.
     36 NP: Number of nodes to request in a parallel job. Note that it has to be enough resources to run in NP. For example, if we only configure 1 core of a computer in framework4g.conf, we can't submit an experiment demanding NP=2.
     37 REQUIREMENTS: Requirements asked to the Computing resources where the experiment is going to run. For example   REQUIREMENTS ='HOSTNAME = "*ui0*";'