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Santander Meteorology Group Trac System

Página grupo de Meteorología de Santander


  1. Colas PBS

Open tickets

Ticket Summary
#6118 Quality checker para CORDEX FPS-CPCM
#6117 Show dataset URL to allow access from R
#6116 Exception from TAP is displayed in raw format in the client when trying to creating a new account with an email already in use
#6115 Broken links
#6114 TAP does not allow to assign roles to a group
#6113 Field Description max length when creating a group
#6112 Use the "cloudsetup.json" for Amazon's resources
#6111 Implement the cloud resource configuration key "soft_billing"
#6109 Write a warning about using ''vm_config"
#6108 Error message in gwd.log when there's an active VM creating resource
#6101 The command "--dbg" doesn't seem to be working properly
#6099 Fallo al hacer un experiment multi-ensemble a diferentes nº de cores
#6098 Inclusión de un procesador intermedio en WPS
#6096 Not to let the DRM4G stop without checking for pending VMs
#6094 Add an "Updating the DRM4G" section
#6093 Modifying cloud resources while being used
#6091 The logger is not configured properly
#6090 Comprobar porqué no genera el NetCDF en océano basado en el error que se lanza
#6088 [Special ticket] Generar landing page C4I-DP con descripción del servicio
#6087 The commmand "drm4g clear" accepts wrong input
#6084 Fallo gw_im
#6083 Incluir DRM4g como lanzador de jobs
#6082 Cloud resource keys
#6067 Autenticación en el toolsUI-5.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
#6066 Use case for Cloud resources
#6065 Some ssh agent start and stop message
#6061 Directory .drm4g at home
#6050 Optimize the modules drm4g.core.tm_mad’s function "_update_com"
#6045 Bloquear filtros C4I ESGF search en Downscaling viewer
#6042 I don't have the requiered permissions to see the RoadMap in the Trac
#6041 There is an issue with the index of the wiki
#6039 TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'NoneType' and 'str'
#6036 Only one VM contextualisation file is being created for different resources using a same machine
#6035 Improve the exception events management on logging
#6034 Expand the wiki's 'InterMapTxt'
#6033 The list of hosts updates itself too slowly
#6030 [C4I] Put Downscaling observations as netCDF timeseries in the basket
#6029 [C4I] Integrate KNMI drupal content at Downscaling TAB
#6027 DRM4G can't send passwords using OpenSSH
#6025 Add a way in which to dinamically create and destroy VMs
#6024 Add a new command to destroy specific VMs
#6023 Try defining a POD resource
#6019 Enable the DRM4G to dinamically create VMs
#6018 Have the DRM4G list all of the VMs created
#6014 'drm4g host' takes a long time to refresh
#6013 try catch in the templates
#6009 Configure your own image on EGI Fedcloud
#6001 Incluir el netcdf4 en la descarga del subsetting
#5998 Create new Metalink generator following the RFC Metalink 4
#5991 NetcdfSubset does not work on TDS6 instance
#5988 Management of the virtual machines with Boto 3
#5987 Use Boto 3 to visulaize AWS' expenses
#5981 DRM4G support and contact information
#5980 Add variable interpolation capabilities to catalog.xml files
#5977 Add colors to DRM4G's CLI
#5974 User interface does not work in DP instance
#5971 Adapt current thredds catalogs to work on tds6
#5969 Run the DP 2.0 in a working node
#5966 Running a command before starting drm4g
#5963 Mensajes de error del archivo log del DP
#5959 Replace the old DP with the new DP
#5958 Netcdf metadata for downscling results
#5957 Integrate DRM4G into PyWPS
#5955 Create a download script for ESGF dataset
#5954 Create a Dataset for ESGF-CMIP5
#5952 Publish a public version of the DP source code into GitHub
#5951 Migrate DP source to GitBucket
#5947 Aviso ante eventos
#5944 Test on MACOSX
#5940 Nueva característica: no borrar ficheros si hay fallo
#5937 Documentacion ficheros de configuración locales
#5936 Directorio de configuración local no se actualiza
#5935 WRF4G and DRM4G licence
#5927 Create new resource type for ECMWF PBS
#5922 Acoplar DRM4G al servicio WPS para el lanzamiento de jobs en colas
#5921 Comprobar servicios asíncronos WPS
#5916 Problem with java environment for Mac Os
#5915 nada
#5912 acceso OpenDAP con python
#5743 sin acceso a mi cuenta
#1961 Function to create stationData
#1815 Adding Land-Sea Mask to models
#598 Configure tha trac spam filter
#395 How to store Big Data Files
#316 OperationalError: unable to open database file
#310 Cannot downlad
#309 Cannot downlad
#307 Cannot downlad
#289 Add a re-checking option by checksum for one or several files already downloaded
#278 3 Ways to Ace Your Thesis
#264 orden en localidades
#263 Language corrections
#262 Refactorizacion del SVN
#255 No aparecen los parámetros
#238 WRF4G en asterix
#236 fallo en c2t5000CCA369C509D4d0
#235 La página no se renderiza correctamente
#231 hello 7
#230 Hello4
#229 Hello
#227 fallo en c2t5000CCA369C508E5d0
#184 Problema con la proyección de los datos del CMCC para FUME
#161 Problemas con las fechas en namelist.input
#149 New user for project qweci
#80 Daily gridded MSLP datasets
#79 Prueba 7
#75 Wilks DS (2006): Statistical methods in the Atmospheric Sciences, 2nd edition
#74 Validación de GCMs: Errores de Z crecen con la altura
#71 Reorganización de la estructura de directorios en /oceano/gmeteo
#70 Aparece 'CAPTCHA' en la parte superior del Drupal cuando estás logueado
#57 El número de contribuciones que aparecen asociadas a un congresos se truncan
#55 Datos del HADGEM listos para separar y repartir
#47 Tablas de variables y lectura de patrones
#46 Escenario 20c3m
#40 Relación de sesiones relevantes en la EGU2010
#39 Revisar datos de Cantabria_ClimateChange en WORK
#31 Crear nueva máquina virtual para ui01
#20 Renovar certificados de RedIris

Page Index

  1. Altamira: ALTAMIRA
  2. Aria2ESGFMetalink
  3. CA: Guía de uso de la CA del grupo
  4. CORDEXPublication: CORDEX data publication
  5. CamelCase: CamelCase
  6. ChangePasswd: Politica del AD
  7. ColaPbs: Nuevas instrucciones!
  8. ColasPBS: Conexión al cluster SMG
  9. CrearProyectoTrac
  10. DRM4G: DRM4G
  11. DRM4G/API: How to create a job
  12. DRM4G/AvailableCommands: Available commands
  13. DRM4G/ChangeLog: Change log
  14. DRM4G/ChangeLog/2.5.0: Stable DRM4G Release 2.5.0
  15. DRM4G/ChangeLog/2.5.1: Stable DRM4G Release 2.5.1
  16. DRM4G/ChangeLog/2.6.0: Stable DRM4G Release 2.6.0
  17. DRM4G/ChangeLog/2.6.1: Stable DRM4G Release 2.6.1
  18. DRM4G/ChangeLog/2.6.2: Stable DRM4G Release 2.6.2
  19. DRM4G/ChangeLog/2.6.3: Stable DRM4G Release 2.6.3
  20. DRM4G/ChangeLog/2.6.4: Stable DRM4G Release 2.6.4
  21. DRM4G/Development: Contributing for users
  22. DRM4G/FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
  23. DRM4G/Installation: DRM4G Installation
  24. DRM4G/InternalMeetings: DRM4G Internal Meetings
  25. DRM4G/JobDescription: Job Description
  26. DRM4G/ManageJob: How to manage a job from start to end
  27. DRM4G/ResourceConfiguration: Resource Configuration
  28. DRM4G/ResourceConfiguration/EGIESR: How to configure an EGI ESR VO
  29. DRM4G/ResourceConfiguration/EGIFedCloud: How to configure an EGI FedCloud VM
  30. DRM4G/ResourceConfiguration/IBERGRID: How to configure an IBERGRID VO
  31. DRM4G/ResourceConfiguration/TorquePBSResource: How to configure a TORQUE/PBS resource
  32. DRM4G/Tutorial: About DRM4G
  33. DRM4G/UseCases: DRM4G Use Cases
  34. DRM4G/cloud_resource_configuration: Cloud Resource Configuration
  35. DatosAfrica: AFRICAN GRIDS
  36. DescargaCmip5: Primeros pasos
  37. DirToZfsDataset
  38. DownscalingPortal/RESTfulAPI: The Downscaling Portal RESTful API
  39. DownscalingPortal/RESTfulAPI/Climate4Impact: Climate4Impact
  40. EGIESGFCredentialTranslationService: Other links
  41. EGIFedCloud: EGI FedCloud
  42. EGIFedCloudBIFI: EGI FedCloud BIFI
  43. ESGF: See Also
  44. ESGF-Security: Adding ESGF-Security to TDS
  45. ESGF-Security/OpenSSLInESGFSheet
  46. ESGFCordexDataPublication: Data Publishing
  47. ESGFDataNodeInstallation
  48. ESGFDataVisibilityAPI: ESGF Data Visibility API
  49. ESGFGetCredentials: What is esgf-getCredentials?
  50. ESGFGetCredentials/Versions: Versions of esgf-getcredentials
  51. ESGFLog: ESGF node at Unican ( log history
  52. ESGFNodeAnsible: ESGF Node deployment with Ansible
  53. ESGFNodeFullAutoInstall: ESGF Local Node Deployment Tutorial
  54. ESGFNodeInstallation: References
  55. ESGFNodeInstallation/GeneratingCertsFromTruststore: Generating Certs From Truststore
  56. ESGFNodeTutorial: ESGF Local Node Deployment Tutorial
  57. ESGFOpenID
  58. ESGFPublicationZFS: ZFS in ESGF publication
  59. ESGFToolsUI: What is ESGF Tools UI?
  60. ESGFToolsUI/Issues: Issues
  61. ESGFToolsUI/Versions: Versions of ESGFToolsUI
  62. ESGFToolsUI_Manual
  63. ESGF_SSLHandshakeException: Info exception
  64. ESGFwget
  65. EclipseDevelopment: How to download and install Eclipse
  66. EclipseDevelopment/JavaMavenIntegration: 1- How to download and install JDK
  67. EclipseDevelopment/MavenConfiguration: What is the pom.xml?
  68. EclipseDevelopment/SubversionAndGit: Download Git and install Eclipse connector
  69. EcmwfGribApi: The ECMWF's GRIB-API
  70. EcomsUdg
  71. EcomsUdg/RPackage/Examples/Trellis
  72. EcomsUdg/RPackage/Functions: dataInventory
  73. EcomsUdg/RPackage/History2
  74. EcomsUdg/Tutorial: SPECS Hands-on training workshop on seasonal forecasting: Data access, …
  75. EcomsUdg/Tutorial/RDataProcessing: Computing statistics
  76. EjecutarMatlab
  77. Enviamatlab: Configuración de correo para recepción de mensajes (job terminado, etc.)
  78. Equipos
  79. Equipos/Backup
  80. Equipos/Backup/DirBack
  81. Equipos/Backup/GenBack: zfs snapshots, clones, replication
  82. Equipos/Backup/QnapRsnapshot: Usuarios
  83. Equipos/Backup/nail
  84. Equipos/DT01ACA200: Await y DT01ACA200
  85. Equipos/DataMeteo
  86. Equipos/DataMeteo/TareasIni: Configuracione inicial Data
  87. Equipos/FSLustre
  88. Equipos/FSlustre/ToshibaX300
  89. Equipos/Kvm: Añadir interface de red
  90. Equipos/Kvm/Nat
  91. Equipos/Kvm/TestsKVM: Interesting Links
  92. Equipos/MVPortal: Datos
  93. Equipos/Oceano
  94. Equipos/SAI: Smart ups RT SRT6K RM XLI
  95. Equipos/Seal
  96. Equipos/Seal/BootSolaris: Apagar
  97. Equipos/Seal/ComoActualizarFirmwareBiosDeLSI: LSI SAS9200-8e (6 Gb/s) (Chip: lsi sas2008)
  98. Equipos/Seal/DT01AC330: HD DT01AC330
  99. Equipos/Seal/FlashBios1068E
  100. Equipos/Seal/Jbods: Server
  101. Equipos/Seal/MptDrivers
  102. Equipos/Seal/NFSServer: Clientes
  103. Equipos/Seal/NFSServer/NfsEsgf: Server
  104. Equipos/Seal/OpenIndiana: Instalación Openindiana
  105. Equipos/Seal/ReiniciarServiciosLdapNfs: Problema Stale file handle
  106. Equipos/Seal/RemoveLog
  107. Equipos/Seal/SealCaracteristicas: Tarjetas HBA internas: LSI 3081E-R (el chip es lsi 1068E)
  108. Equipos/Seal/ZfsPoolUpgrade: Como Actualizar la version de ZFS pool
  109. Equipos/Seal/ZfsResilver
  110. Equipos/Twin: Varios:
  111. Equipos/TwinBladeAMD: Twinblade AMD SBA-7222G-T2
  112. Equipos/Varios/Vpn
  113. GeneratingKeystoreAndPemForESGF: Using keystore in jKS in toolsUI
  114. Git
  115. GlobusOnline
  116. GribApi: Compilado de la GRIB_API en Cygwin
  117. GridCertificate: ¿Cómo configurar un certificado grid ?
  118. GridTutorial: EGI Grid
  119. GridWay: Installation on an UI
  120. HardwareCluster: Relacion colas-Hardware
  121. Imagen
  122. InterMapTxt: InterMapTxt
  123. InterTrac: InterTrac Links
  124. InterWiki: Support for InterWiki links
  125. Java_ldpaths
  126. JupyterNotebook
  127. Modules: Carga de software con module
  128. Monitorizacion: Monitorización
  129. NCMLUserStories: Summary
  130. NetcdfMetadataRecommendations: Metadata recommendations for encoding netCDF products based on CF …
  131. PageTemplates: Wiki Page Templates
  132. PrivatePage
  133. Python: Introduccion
  134. R: Observaciones
  135. RecentChanges
  136. Revistas
  137. SMG: SMG
  138. SandBox: The Sandbox
  139. SshSecuring: Iptables
  140. Stratos:
  141. TDS/Tutorial: Build and deploy into local from source
  142. TemplateTesisMaster
  143. ThreddsDevel: Contribute to the netcdf-java library
  144. ThreddsMeteo: Añadir un nuevo catalogo THREDDS para datos del proyecto VALUE
  145. ThreddsTutorial: How to download Thredds project manually and compile it with Maven
  146. TitleIndex
  147. TracAccessibility: Accessibility Support in Trac
  148. TracAdmin: TracAdmin
  149. TracBackup: Trac Backup
  150. TracBatchModify: Trac Ticket Batch Modification
  151. TracBrowser: The Trac Repository Browser
  152. TracCgi: Installing Trac as CGI
  153. TracChangeset: Trac Changeset Module
  154. TracEnvironment: The Trac Environment
  155. TracFastCgi: Trac with FastCGI
  156. TracFineGrainedPermissions: Fine grained permissions
  157. TracGuide: The Trac User and Administration Guide
  158. TracImport: Importing ticket data
  159. TracIni: The Trac Configuration File
  160. TracInstall: Trac Installation Guide for 1.0
  161. TracInterfaceCustomization: Customizing the Trac Interface
  162. TracLinks: Trac Links
  163. TracLogging: Trac Logging
  164. TracModPython: Trac and mod_python
  165. TracModWSGI: Trac and mod_wsgi
  166. TracNavigation: Trac Navigation
  167. TracNotification: Email Notification of Ticket Changes
  168. TracPermissions: Trac Permissions
  169. TracPlugins: Trac plugins
  170. TracQuery: Trac Ticket Queries
  171. TracReports: Trac Reports
  172. TracRepositoryAdmin: Repository Administration
  173. TracRevisionLog: Viewing Revision Logs
  174. TracRoadmap: The Trac Roadmap
  175. TracRss: Using RSS with Trac
  176. TracSearch: Using Search
  177. TracStandalone: Tracd
  178. TracSupport: Trac Support
  179. TracSyntaxColoring: Syntax Coloring of Source Code
  180. TracTickets: The Trac Ticket System
  181. TracTicketsCustomFields: Custom Ticket Fields
  182. TracTimeline: The Trac Timeline
  183. TracUnicode: Unicode Support in Trac
  184. TracUpgrade: Upgrade Instructions
  185. TracWiki: The Trac Wiki System
  186. TracWorkflow: The Trac Ticket Workflow System
  187. TutorialMaven: Thredds development with Eclipse
  188. WRF4G
  189. WRF4G/ExecutionEnvironments: RES - Red Española de Supercomputación
  190. WRF4G/FAQ: FAQ
  191. WRF4G/IhcTutorial: Monday: Startup and configure
  192. WRF4G/WRF4G2.0Postprocessor
  193. WRF4G/WRF4G2.0Preprocessor
  194. WRF4G/WRF4GPostprocessor: Why a postprocessor?
  195. WRF4G/WRF4GPreprocessor: Why a preprocessor?
  196. WRF4G/WRFDistributions: WRF Distributions
  197. WRF4G2.0: Introduction
  198. WRF4G2.0/AdvancedConfiguration: Advanced Configuration
  199. WRF4G2.0/CLI: CLI
  200. WRF4G2.0/Ensemble: Ensemble experiments
  201. WRF4G2.0/Experiment: Experiment Configuration
  202. WRF4G2.0/FAQ: FAQ
  203. WRF4G2.0/Geogrid: How to create a WRF geographical domain
  204. WRF4G2.0/Install: Instalation Guide
  205. WRF4G2.0/Postprocessor: Why a postprocessor?
  206. WRF4G2.0/Preprocessor: Why a preprocessor?
  207. WRF4G2.0/Requirements: Requirements
  208. WRF4G2.0/Resources: Resource Configuration
  209. WRF4G2.0/Tutorial: How to run a demo experiment
  210. WRF4G2.0/Tutorial2: How to run a demo experiment
  211. WRF4G2.0/WRF4G2.0Paths: WRF4G paths
  212. WRF4G2.0/WRF4GFiles: WRF4G files
  213. WRF4G2.0/WRF4GPreprocessor
  214. WRF4G2.0/WRFAPP: WRF configuration
  215. WRF4G2.0/WRFReforecast: Reforecast Tutorial
  216. WRF4G2.0Resources: Requirement Expression Syntax
  217. WRF4G@macc: How to use MACC facilities
  218. WRF4GCLI2.0
  219. WRF4GCommandLineInterface: Command Line Interface (CLI) for WRF4G
  220. WRF4GCommandLineTools: wrf4g_framework
  221. WRF4GConfigurationFiles: Configuration files
  222. WRF4GErrors: WRF4G Errors
  223. WRF4GExperiment2.0
  224. WRF4GFAQ: FAQ
  225. WRF4GFAQ2.0
  226. WRF4GFrameworkConfiguration: WRF4G Framework
  227. WRF4GGiselaUI: Installation on the User Interface (UI)
  228. WRF4GGridConfiguration: gwd.conf file
  229. WRF4GHowToCLI: How to use WRF4G CLI
  230. WRF4GHowToUseCLI: How to use WRF4G CLI
  231. WRF4GInstall: How to get WRF4G
  232. WRF4GInstall2.0
  233. WRF4GProlog: prolog.wrf4g file
  234. WRF4GResources2.0
  235. WRF4GTutorial: How to run a simple experiment
  236. WRF4GTutorial2: WRF4G Tutorial part 2
  237. WRF4GTutorial2.0
  238. WRF4GWRFDistributions: WRF Distributions
  239. WRF4GWRFReforecast: Reforecast Tutorial
  240. WRF4GWRFReforecast2.0
  241. WRF4Gexperiment_wrf4g: Domain of simulation
  242. WRF4Gframework4g_conf: framework4g.conf file
  243. WRF4Ggihc: How to add Neptuno facilities to WRF4G
  244. WRF4Gresources_wrf4g: resources.wrf4g file
  245. WRF4Gresources_wrf4g_advanced: Requirement Expression Syntax
  246. WRF4SG: WRF4SG
  247. WRFDistributions: WRF Distributions
  248. WRFKnownProblems: Known Problems
  249. WRf4GPreprocessor
  251. WikiDeletePage: Deleting a Wiki Page
  252. WikiFormatting: WikiFormatting
  253. WikiHtml: Using HTML in Wiki Text
  254. WikiMacros: Trac Macros
  255. WikiNewPage: Steps to Add a New Wiki Page
  256. WikiPageNames: Wiki Page Names
  257. WikiProcessors: Wiki Processors
  258. WikiRestructuredText: reStructuredText Support in Trac
  259. WikiRestructuredTextLinks: TracLinks in reStructuredText
  260. WikiStart: Santander Meteorology Group Trac System
  261. WrfMpi: Configuración de openMPI
  262. documentos/PUBLIC
  263. downscaling
  264. drm4gDevelopment: Development
  265. openMPIvsMPI: ALTAMIRA
  266. programs/mercurial
  267. qa-dkrz: QA-DKRZ
  268. remote/git
  269. remote/mercurial: How to use Mercurial
  270. tap: What is TAP
  271. udg: The User Data Gateway (UDG)
  272. udg/UdgCatalogAdmin: Situación Actual
  273. udg/data/cmip5
  274. udg/ecoms: The ECOMS User Data Gateway
  275. udg/ecoms/Dissemination/05062013_wp23
  276. udg/ecoms/EndUserNeeds
  277. udg/ecoms/EndUserNeeds/CII: EUPORIAS WP22 Climate Impact Indicators (CII)
  278. udg/ecoms/EndUserNeeds/ImpactModels: EUPORIAS WP23: Impact Models for impact predictions
  279. udg/ecoms/EndUserNeeds/ListOfVariables
  280. udg/ecoms/EndUserNeeds/NoteTimeAggregation
  281. udg/ecoms/EndUserNeeds/PilotApplications: SPECS WP61: Pilot Applications
  282. udg/ecoms/FAQs
  283. udg/ecoms/FAQs/DataSets
  284. udg/ecoms/FAQs/Technical
  285. udg/ecoms/RPackage: Overview of the loadeR.ECOMS package
  286. udg/ecoms/RPackage/authentication: Authentication
  287. udg/ecoms/RPackage/biascorrection: Bias correction of seasonal forecasting data
  288. udg/ecoms/RPackage/examples: Introduction and usage recommendations
  289. udg/ecoms/RPackage/examples/bias: Example 3. Calculating the bias of an ensemble forecast
  290. udg/ecoms/RPackage/examples/continentalSelection: Regional-Continental domain selections
  291. udg/ecoms/RPackage/examples/drift: Analysing model drift in South-western Iberia
  292. udg/ecoms/RPackage/examples/globalSelection: Global domain selections
  293. udg/ecoms/RPackage/examples/pointSelection: Single point selections
  294. udg/ecoms/RPackage/examples/verification: Forecast verification: a worked example
  295. udg/ecoms/RPackage/examples/visualization: Forecast skill visualization: a worked example using visualizeR
  296. udg/ecoms/RPackage/homogeneization: Data Harmonization
  297. udg/ecoms/RPackage/prerequisites: JRE Installation
  298. udg/ecoms/RPackage/setup_proxy: Setting a proxy configuration in R
  299. udg/ecoms/RPackage/versions: Installation
  300. udg/ecoms/dataserver: Citation info:
  301. udg/ecoms/dataserver/catalog: DATASETS
  302. udg/ecoms/dataserver/datasets/CFSv2: CFSv2_seasonal dataset member setup
  303. udg/ecoms/dataserver/interfaces: Low-leves interface to OpenDAP service
  304. udg/ecoms/dataserver/interfaces/matlab: Function:
  305. udg/ecoms/dataserver/interfaces/python: Function:
  306. udg/ecoms/dataserver/registration
  307. udg/ecoms/dataserver/web
  308. udg/esd
  309. udg/interfaces: Web interface to explore and download data
  310. udg/registration: Registration and Group Membership
  311. versionControl: About version control
  312. versionControl/git: GIT
  313. xArray

Pluging List

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