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If your are a Subversion user in Windows, it may be you would be interested on these tools

  • The TortoiseSVN: TortoiseSVN is an easy-to-use SCM / source control software for Microsoft Windows and possibly the best standalone Apache™ Subversion® client there is. It is implemented as a Windows shell extension, which makes it integrate seamlessly into the Windows explorer. Since it's not an integration for a specific IDE you can use it with whatever development tools you like.. You can download TortoiseSVN from

  • Be Different, my friend, and Merge the Conflicts
    • The WinMerge tool: WinMerge is an Open Source differencing and merging tool for Windows. WinMerge can compare both folders and files, presenting differences in a visual text format that is easy to understand and handle. Download WinMerge from

      WinMerge 3 will be modern compare/synchronization tool. It will be based on Qt library and cross-platform. You can use the same tool in Windows and in Linux.

    • The KDiff3 tool: Compares or merges two or three text input files or directories. Is a cros platform tool for Windows an linux. You can download KDiff3 from This screenshot shows KDiff3 during a directory merge:
    • The Tortoise Office integration: Tortoise SVN comes with some integratio for your favourite Office tools like Writer or Calc
  • The Subversion CommitMonitor: The CommitMonitor is a small tool to monitor Apache™ Subversion® repositories for new commits. It has a very small memory footprint and resides in the system tray. Download CommitMonitor from

The fancy Snarl: If you have Snarl installed, CommitMonitor automatically uses Snarl to show its popups:. Download Snarl from

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