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[05-Jun-2013]. EUPORIAS/SPECS Workshop: Initialisation of Impacts Models for Seasonal Predictions. Met Office, Exeter (UK).


  • Met Office: Jemma Gornall, Karina Williams, Pete Falloon, Carlo Buontempo, Alberto Arribas and Rutger Dankers.
  • University of Leeds: Kathryn Nicklin.
  • WUR: Ronald Hutjes.
  • SMHI: Ilias Pechlivanidis.
  • University of Cantabria: Rodrigo García Manzanas.

Actions to be taken involving UC:

  • To create an inventory of the impacts models to be run within the project, specifying their mandatory/optional input variables, temporal resolution, required/preferred format etc. --> Met Office will circulate a survey among the impact users.
  • To write down a document describing the basis of seasonal forecast and a glosary including a list of commonly used terms.

Impact users' requests:

  • To locally store subsets of data (retrieved from the SPECS-EUPORIAS data portal) in netCDF format.
  • To directly access the ensemble mean through the SPECS-EUPORIAS data portal (in addition to accessing each individual member).

Open discussions:

  • Possibility to establish new case studies out of Europe, based on the skill of seasonal forecasts.

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