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  • [28-May-2013]. Some troubles have been described when installing the rJava library. When doing the javareconf, sometimes it is necessary to add the path for some missing variables (the corresponding lines to the missing variables appear in blank when installing the package). As an example, the following worked in Linux Ubuntu 12.04, after a failure in the installation of rJava on R v3.0.0, for missing JAVAC, JAVAH and JAR variables:
    ~$ sudo R CMD javareconf JAVAC = '/usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-i386/jre/bin/java' JAR = '/usr/bin/jar' JAVAH = '/usr/bin/javah' 
    This issue is discussed in more detail at the R-help forum. Alternatively, in linux systems the problem has been reported to be overcome by using the Synaptic Package Manager for library installation
  • [09-Mar-2015] thanks to Tanja Zerenner (Uni Bonn) for reporting. The install_github function from package devtools has been reported to yield an error in some platforms/operating systems (in particular, in Linux Ubuntu 14.04), yielding an error similar to this one:
    Error in system(full, intern = quiet, ignore.stderr = quiet, ...)

In the R console, setting the following option should fix the problem:

options(unzip = "unzip") 

The issue has been previously reported in other projects attempting installation from gitHub repositories, where more information related to the issue can be found, e.g.: or