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The ECOMS-UDG is based on a password-protected THREDDS using OPeNDAP and other remote data access protocols. Therefore, before accessing the data, authentication is required. To this aim, user's must be registered and activate the required roles, as described in the Registration section.

Once registered as users, the registration within the R session can be easily accomplished assuming that we already have a valid username, role and password, with a simple call to the function loginUDG, providing HTTP authentication:

username <- "myUsername" # This is a character string with the username
password <- "myPassword" # This is a character string with the password
loginUDG(myUsername, myPassword)

In case the connection is performed via a proxy server, it is necessary to set it up prior to the authentication step.

proxyHost <- "" # Your institution Proxy configuration: host
proxyPort <- as.integer(1234) # and port
         myPassword, = proxyHost,
         proxy.port = proxyPort)

Note that the object proxyHost is a character string while the proxyPort must be an integer value.