Global domain selections

For this example we will load the gridded observational dataset WFDEI (dataset = "WFDEI"). In particular, we will load the near-surface atmospheric pressure (var = "ps") for all land areas globally in boreal winter (DJF, season = c(12,1,2)) for the year 2010 (years = 2010). Note that, for full spatial domain requests, arguments lonLim and latLim are set to NULL (the default, which is equivalent to just omitting both arguments).

> <- loadECOMS(dataset = "WFDEI", var = "ps", lonLim = NULL, latLim = NULL, season = c(12,1,2), years = 2001)
[2014-06-17 13:18:14] Defining homogeneization parameters for variable "ps"
[2014-06-17 13:19:45] Defining geo-location parameters
[2014-06-17 13:19:45] Defining time selection parameters
[2014-06-17 13:19:58] Done
> print(object.size(, units = "Mb")
178 Mb

Note that, unlike the previous examples, we have omitted the leadMonth and members arguments, as this is not a forecast dataset, but a gridded observational dataset lacking the initialization and ensemble dimensions. Therefore, these arguments are always ignored when loading WFDEI or any other non-forecast dataset (they originate a note on screen if not omitted, though).

> ps.mean <- apply($Data, FUN = mean, MAR = c(1,2))
> x <-$xyCoords$x
> y <-$xyCoords$y
> # Requires library 'fields'. Please install if not present to reproduce the example
> library(fields)
> image.plot(x, y, ps.mean, asp = 1, main = "Mean DJF surface pressure 2001" )

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