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    55In order to set a common framework with a precise definition of the variables, the `ecomsUDG.Raccess` package is based on the use of a vocabulary. In essence, the vocabulary is a table containing the standard names of a number of variables commonly used in impact studies and downscaling applications, subject to permanent revision or addition of new standard variables. The naming conventions and the units are based on the standard name [ table] provided in the frame of the SPECS project, although in case of conflict, and in order to maximize the inter-operability of the vocabulary, the nomenclature is also compliant with the [ NetCDF Climate and Forecast Metadata Convention].
     7Note that not all the variables listed in the vocabulary are necessarily available at the ECOMS-UDG, although all variables available must be included in the dictionary, allowing always the retrieval of homogenized data by default. The vocabulary contains the following variable information:
    89* `identifier`: this is the standard name that the `loadSeasonalForecast` function will recognize automatically.
    1011* `units`: units in which the standard variable is returned.
    12 The vocabulary has been included as a built-in dataset of the `ecomsUDG.Raccess` package in order to provide the user with a reference of the standard variables.
     13The vocabulary has been included as a built-in dataset of the `ecomsUDG.Raccess` package in order to provide the user with a reference of standard variables.
    1415> library(ecomsUDG.Raccess)
    1516Loading required package: rJava
    16 Loading required package: sp
    1717> data(vocabulary)
    1818> print(vocabulary)
    19   identifier              standard_name           units
    20 1        tas        2-meter temperature degrees Celsius
    21 2     tasmax    maximum 2-m temperature degrees Celsius
    22 3     tasmin    minimum 2-m temperature degrees Celsius
    23 4         tp Total precipitation amount              mm
    24 5        psl  air pressure at sea level              Pa
     19 identifier                           standard_name           units
     201         tas                     2-meter temperature degrees Celsius
     212      tasmax                 maximum 2-m temperature degrees Celsius
     223      tasmin                 minimum 2-m temperature degrees Celsius
     234          tp              total precipitation amount              mm
     245         psl               air pressure at sea level              Pa
     256        rsds surface downwelling shortwave radiation           W.m-2
     267        rlds  surface downwelling longwave radiation           W.m-2
     278         uas              eastward near-surface wind           m.s-1
     289         vas             northward near-surface wind           m.s-1
     2910       tdps            2-meter dewpoint temperature degrees Celsius
     3011       snld                              snow depth              mm
     3112       huss               2-meter specific humidity
     3213       hurs               2-meter relative humidity               %
     3314         ps                    surface air pressure              Pa