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JRE Installation

Installation of the Java Platform, Standard Edition Runtime Environment (JRE), allows you to run Java programs on your PC and as you browse the Internet. The rJava package used by loadeR and loadeR.ECOMS packages needs JRE in order to use the powerful capabilities of the netCDF Java Library.

It is very likely that JRE is already installed on your computer, but just in case it is not, here are some instructions on how to get it.

Linux users

To find out if JRE is installed in your machine, and in negative case to get instructions on how to install it, please refer to this link

Windows / Mac users

Click on the link below to download the JRE installer and perform the installation procedure by keeping the default installer settings. For Windows users, please be sure that you have downloaded the 32-bit JRE installer as indicated below.

JRE installer download link (version 7 update 60):

Configuring R and Java, and installing the rJava package

This is a previous requirement to run loadeR.ECOMS. Please refer to this section of the loadeR's wiki page with instructions on how to set up R and Java in case of trouble.

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