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The latest versions (stable and/or devel) can be installed directly from gitHub, but please note that the R package devtools must be installed.

Latest stable release 2.2-5 "SPECS Workshop" (06 Sep 2014)

User's manual

To obtain the latest stable release of the ecomsUDG.Raccess package (and the associated dependencies), type the following commands from your R console:


If attempting the installation from a proxy server and getting an error, please try this.

Older versions

  • version 2.2-4 (06 Sep 2014)
    • Internal changes in imports for compatibility with the new downscaleR version 0.4-x
  • version 2.2-3 (18 Aug 2014)
    • Bug fix for 1-dimensional output data queries (i.e. time series at single point locations, without members)
  • version 2.2-2 (18 Aug 2014)
    • New global attributes in output (thanks to Stefan Siegert for this suggestion):
      • dataset: Name of the dataset returned (e.g. "System4_seasonal_15", "NCEP", etc.)
      • source: Name of the dataset
      • URL: URL of the data portal
    • Consistent ordering of array dimensions: The output n-dimensional array now preserves the canonical ordering of its dimensions: (member, time, level, lat, lon) (thanks to Stefan Siegert for this suggestion)
    • New daily aggregation options: minimum and maximum daily data are now returned when using the time = "DD" option for the relevant variables (e.g. "tasmin", "tasmax" ...).
  • version 2.2-1 (05 Aug 2014)
    • Minor enhancements:
      • Improved on screen error messages with clearer instructions for error fixing
      • The 'runtime' dimension in CFSv2 output data array has been changed to 'member' for better integration with other downscaleR objects and methods.
  • version 2.2-0 (16 Jul 2014)
    • New dependency on R Package downscaleR with inherited features such as:
      • Plotting mean fields
      • Fast Multi-member Interpolation/re-gridding capabilities
      • Many more coming in the next major downscaleR release (bias correction, perfect-prog downscaling methods...)
    • On screen messages from the HTTP Java authenticator have been suppressed: Only the strictly relevant information is now displayed
    • Automatically checks and warns the user about new available versions on attach
    • Other minor bug fixes and enhancements
  • version 2.1-1 (11 Jul 2014)
    • Bug fix accessing surface air temperature and derived variables in System4 with mean daily temporal aggregation (thanks to M.D. Frías for pointing to the error)
  • version 2.1-0 (8 Jul 2014)
    • New extended list of available variables
    • NCEP reanalysis included in available datasets
    • On-the-fly computation of derived variables
    • Support for variables with vertical levels and static (e.g. geopotential surface zs)
    • New dependency on R package containing Java dependencies
  • version 2.0-0 (16-jun-2014).
    • New input/output format
    • Access to a extended list of surface variables
    • New observational gridded dataset WFDEI
    • On-the-fly time filtering/aggregation capabilities
  • version 1.0-0 (17-feb-2014). Access to a limited list of surface variables for System4 and CFSv2 datasets.

Development version

The development version is available at the 'master' branch of the ​gitHub repository, but please note that the development version is unstable and may not be functional