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The latest versions (stable and/or devel) can be installed directly from ?gitHub, but please note that the R package ?devtools must be installed.

Latest stable release 2.2-5 "SPECS Workshop" (06 Sep 2014)


User's manual

To obtain the latest stable release of the ecomsUDG.Raccess package, it is recommended to use the devtools utility to install packages from GitHub?. First check that devtools is installed on your system, otherwise install it by typing:

if (!require("devtools")) install.packages("devtools")

The, the package and associated dependencies are installed by following the adequate order by entering:


If attempting the installation from a proxy server and getting an error, please ?try this.

Older versions

Development version

The development version is available at the 'master' branch of the ??gitHub repository, but please note that the development version is unstable and may not be functional