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Overview of the meteoR package

Since the R language has been adopted for some key tasks in the EUPORIAS and SPECS projects (including the development of comprehensive validation and statistical-downscaling packages) a R package (meteoR) is currently under development. In the current status of this task, some functions for data exploration and access have been created. These functions allow the creation of accessible datasets from locally stored climate files, the creation of data inventories providing an overview of the characteristics of the data (variables stored, units, time resolution ...) and accessing local and remote datasets in a straightforward manner by means of simple arguments, allowing the retrieval of dimensional slices of observational, reanalysis and forecast (System4) climate data. A full R package with added capabilities (including specific plot methods) and access to new datasets will be soon released for the SPECS/EUPORIAS community, as soon as new databases are incorporated into the SPECS-EUPORIAS THREDDS Data Server and new user's needs and requirements are identified and discussed.

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