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Overview of the ecomsUDG.Raccess package

Since the ?R language has been adopted for some key tasks in the EUPORIAS and SPECS projects (including the development of comprehensive validation and statistical-downscaling packages), the ecomsUDG.Raccess is envisaged as a user-friendly, R-based interface to the ECOMS User Data Gateway, enabling authentication? and remote access to the different datasets (seasonal forecasting, observations, reanalysis) currently available. Moreover, ecomsUDG.Raccess implements data homogenization (a single vocabulary) and time filtering/aggregation functionality.

The ecomsUDG.Raccess package relies on the rJava package as an interface to the powerful capabilities of the ?Unidata's netCDF Java library.

The following panels show an illustrative use of ECOMS-UDG to obtain the minimum DJF temperature DJF bias for System4 hindcast (one-month lead time) over Europe. WFDEI is used as reference.

R code Output
obs <- loadECOMS(dataset = "WFDEI", 
                  var = "tasmin",
                  season = c(12,1,2))
prd<- loadECOMS(dataset = ?System4_seasonal_15", 
                  var = "tasmin?, 
                  season = c(12,1,2), 
                  members = 1:2, 
                  leadMonth = 1)
obsr <- interpGridData(gridData = obs, 
                  new.grid = getGrid(prd), 
                  method = "bilinear")