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Overview of the loadeR.ECOMS package

Since the R language has been adopted for some key tasks in the EUPORIAS and SPECS projects (including the development of comprehensive validation and statistical-downscaling packages), loadeR.ECOMS is envisaged as a user-friendly, R-based interface to the ECOMS User Data Gateway, enabling authentication and remote access to the different datasets (seasonal forecasting, observations, reanalysis) currently available (take a look at the available datasets and variables). Moreover, loadeR.ECOMS implements data homogenization (a single vocabulary) and time filtering/aggregation in a transparent way for the user, and it is seamlessly integrated with the downscaleR package for downscaling/bias correction and other climate data post-processing.

loadeR.ECOMS extends the loadeR package, which in turn relies on the powerful capabilities of the Unidata's netCDF Java library.

The following panels show an illustrative use of ECOMS-UDG to obtain the minimum DJF temperature DJF bias for System4 hindcast (one-month lead time) over Europe. WFDEI is used as reference.

R code Output
obs <- loadECOMS(dataset = "WFDEI", 
                  var = "tasmin",
                  season = c(12,1,2))
prd <- loadECOMS(dataset = "CFSv2_seasonal", 
                  var = "tasmin", 
                  season = c(12,1,2), 
                  members = 1:2, 
                  leadMonth = 1)
obsr <- interpGridData(gridData = obs, 
                  new.grid = getGrid(prd), 
                  method = "bilinear")
bias <- getBias(obsr,prd)
plotMeanField(bias, multi.member = TRUE) 

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