The ECOMS-UDG builds on the User Data Gateway (UDG), which is based on a password-protected THREDDS data server (TDS) providing metadata and data access to a set of georeferenced atmospheric variables using OPeNDAP and other remote data access protocols. The variables names, units and additional metadata follow the CF convention. The variables are spatial grids based on multidimensional arrays of indexed values, following Unidata's Coordinate convention.

The ECOMS UDG collects and provides information (mainly at 6-hourly and/or daily resolution) for a reduced number of variables from a number of datasets (seasonal hindcasts, reanalysis and observations) obtained from different data providers, keeping its original format, with their native metadata conventions and temporal frequencies and aggregations. Data homogenization (a single vocabulary) and aggregation (from 6-hourly data to daily means) is provided through the R data access package.

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We would be grateful if scientific papers and communications that make use of the ECOMS-UDG use the following reference citation:

Cofiño, A.S., Bedia, J., Iturbide, M., Vega, M., Herrera, S., Fernández, J., Frías, M.D., Manzanas, R., Gutiérrez, J.M., 2018. The ECOMS User Data Gateway: Towards seasonal forecast data provision and research reproducibility in the era of Climate Services. Climate Services 9, 33-43.

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