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    4949= DATASETS =
    51 [=#wfdei]== WFDEI (provided by the EU-funded WATCH project) ==
     52== WFDEI (provided by the EU-funded WATCH project) ==
    5253The WATCH-Forcing-Data-ERA-Interim: [ WFDEI] was produced post-WATCH using WFD methodology applied to ERA-Interim data. It is a meteorological forcing dataset extending into early 21st C (1979 – 2012). Eight meteorological variables at 3-hourly time steps, and as daily averages, for the global land surface at 0.5º x 0.5º resolution.
    54 [=#ncep]== ​NCEP_ reanalysis1 (provided by NCEP/NCAR) ==
     56== ​NCEP_ reanalysis1 (provided by NCEP/NCAR) ==
    5557A subset of predictors commonly used in statistical downscaling. 
    57 [=#interim] == ERA_Interim (provided by ECMWF) ==
     60== ERA_Interim (provided by ECMWF) ==
    5861A subset of predictors commonly used in statistical downscaling (daily means at 2º resolution).  This information has been downloaded from the ECMWF's MARS, degraded to a common 2 degrees grid and post-processed computing daily means based on the original 6 hourly fields when required. Therefore, this dataset is a degraded and subset of the original ERA-Interim reanalysis dataset, which is freely available via [ ECMWF servers] at original resolution.
    6063This dataset is used in the framework of different international initiatives (such as CORDEX-ESD and VALUE) in order to have a standard predictor dataset and to facilitate the work of the contributing downscaling groups. More information [ here].
    62 [=#system4]== System4 (provided by ECMWF) ==
     66== System4 (provided by ECMWF) ==
    6367The [ System 4] seasonal forecasting system became operational in November 2011. The corresponding hindcast is archived in the Meteorological Archival and Retrieval System ([ MARS]), the main data repository at the ECMWF, as a colection of GRIB-1 files at 0.75º spatial resolution. The downloaded data has been exposed as three different virtual datasets  (see the [wiki:../listofvariables available variables] for these datasets):
    6468* '''[ System4_seasonal_15]''': There are twelve initializations (hereafter called `runtimes`) per year (the first of January, February, ...), each with 15 members running for 7 months (hereafter called simply `times`). Period: 1981-2010.
    6872A preliminary [ validation report] produced in SPECS (milestone MS22) is available for precipitation (System4_seasonal_15). The reports for all datasets and variables will be produced after feedback with end-users.
    70 [=#cfs]== CFSv2 (provided by NCEP) ==
     75== CFSv2 (provided by NCEP) ==
    7176The [ CFS version 2] seasonal forecasting model became operational at NCEP in March 2011. The corresponding [ retrospective CFSv2] forecast dataset is stored in the [ NOMADS server] as a collection of GRIB-2 files at 1º spatial resolution.  The downloaded data is exposed as a single virtual dataset  (see the [wiki:../listofvariables available variables] for this dataset):
    7277* '''[ CFSv2_seasonal]'''. There are four initializations (4 cycles) from every 5th day (thus providing on average 24 members per month) running for 9 moths (see [wiki:./CFSv2 CFSv2 members] for more detailed information of members' construction for this dataset). Period: 1982-2010. '''Note:''' For better comparability with other hindcasts, the [wiki:RPackage R data access package] defines by default an ensemble of 15 members for each lead month and forecast season.