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The ?ECOMS useRportal provides homogeneous access (through a single controlled vocabulary) to different datasets (particularly state-of-the-art seasonal forecasting hindcasts). However, only a reduced number of variables required by the different ECOMS activities (impact applications and downscaling studies) is provided by the portal. The following list of variables has been identified

Availability for the following datasets:
Variable short name Variable description Frequency Aggregation System4_seasonal_15 System4_seasonal_51 System4_annual_15 CFSv2_seasonal_16
tasSurface (2m) air temperatureDailymean Available Available Available
Monthlymean x x x
tasmaxMaximum surface (2m) temperatureDailymaximum Available Available Available Available
tasminMinimum surface (2m) temperatureDailyminimum Available Available Available Available
preTotal precipitationDailyAccumulated Available Available Available Available
MonthlyAccumulated x x x x
Daily12 UTC (1) x
pslAir pressure at sea levelDailymean Available Available x Available
psSurface air pressure Dailymean x
Monthlymean x
sstSea surface temperatureDailymean x x x
wspWind speed (at 10m) Dailymean x x x x
Monthlymean x x x x
wspmaxWind speed (at 10m) Dailymaximum x x x x
wgustWind gust Dailymaximum x x
tdpsDew point temperature Dailymean x x
mrsoTotal soil moisture content Dailymean x
hussSurface (2m) specific humidity Dailymean x
rsdsSW radiation incident at the surfaceDailymean x x x
rldsLW radiation downward surfaceDailymean x x x
mrrosSurface runoff fluxDaily accumulated x x x
mrroRunoff flux Monthlymean x x
ssroSub-surface runoff rateDailymean x x
prsnSnowfall flux Dailymean x x
wcslWater Content of Soil Layer Dailymean x x
Monthlymean x x
z850Geopotential 850mb Dailymean x x x x
z925Geopotential 925mb Dailymean x x
ua850850mb eastward windDailymean x x x x
va850850mb northward windDailymean x x x x
ua925925mb eastward windDailymean x x x
va925925mb northward windDailymean x x x
zg700Geopotential height at 700hPa Daily12 UTC x x x x
zg1000Geopotential height at 1000hPa Daily12 UTC x x x

(1) Accumulated in the previous 24h