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As for ?Phyton, a Matlab function (?loadSystem4.m) has been created in order to access the SPECS-EUPORIAS Data Portal in a user-friendly way. The loadSystem4 function is called this way:

 [data,run,ens,frc,lat,lon] = loadSystem4(dataset,var,season,leadMonth,'members',members,'xlim',xlim,'ylim',ylim,'user',user,'password',password);

The input arguments are next described:

These are the arguments returned by the function:


In this example, the loadSystem4 function is used to read the maximum temperature for the Iberian Peninsula in August for the whole hindcast period (1981-2010), considering the initialization of the first of June (two-month lead time thus) for a single member (member5, for instance).

dataset = '';
var = 'Maximum_temperature_at_2_metres_since_last_24_hours_surface';
 [data,run,ens,frc,lat,lon] = loadSystem4(dataset,var,{'Aug';'Aug'},2,'members',5,'xlim',[-10 5],'ylim',[35 45]);

The data can be plotted by using the functions from ?MeteoLab, the open-source Matlab toolbox for statistical analysis and data mining in Meteorology created by the ?Santander Meteorology Group.

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