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Although ECOMS-UDG provides a web interface to explore and access the datasets, it is strongly recommented the use of OPeNDAP (a.k.a. DODS) client libraries to remotely access the data from scientific computing environments (R, Matlab, Python, etc.). In order to facilitate this task a number of utilities for (remote) data access have been developed as part of the ECOMS-UDG.

The ecomsUDG.Raccess R package is the main of these tools, and it is based on the NetCDF Java OPeNDAP client, using the rJava R package (a similar approach is followed in the Matlab interface). Alternatively, the most recent NetCDF library versions provide access to OPeNDAP datasets (this is the solution for the Python implementation).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Unlike the R package, which will be continuously updated as part of the data management activities, the Python and Matlab functions are not guaranteed to be maintained and updated with the same regularity, and therefore the use of the R environment is encouraged in the framework of ECOMS. In particular, the different datasets are not homogenized in the Matlab and Python versions and the only variables available are those originally available in the corresponding datasets (see the list of available variables? for details).

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