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    2222= Registration process
    24 In order to obtain a user account, first [ register] at the THREDDS Administration Panel ('''TAP''') and fill in the required information (please also specify the ''institution'' and ''intended usage'' fields).
     24In order to obtain a user account there are two possibilities: Users can register at the THREDDS Administration Panel ('''TAP''') and fill a registration form or register through their !OpenID.
     26== Regular Registration
     28Users can [ register] at TAP filling in the required information (please also specify the ''institution'' and ''intended usage'' fields).
     30== !OpenId Registration
     32Users will be able to register at TAP through !OpenId in September. At that time, ESGF IDP's will be updated to a fixed version which allows retrieving !OpenId data safely. Nevertheless, there is a new login page available because our implementation is done. Login form is splited in two main tabs(!User/Password and !OpenId). This means that users will be able to login both !Username/Password and !OpenId. OpenID login does not require clicking any registration button. Users have to enter their !OpenId and click the login button. If the !OpenId is not registered yet (First login attempt with that !OpenId) a registration form will be shown.
     34!OpenId Registration form is similar to the regular registration form. Nevertheless, !OpenId login allows to retrieve some relevant info from the user's account (First name, Last name, email and more), so that, some information is already filled in the form. Users just have to fill in the empty inputs, click the register button and activate their account through email. Note that if the user has an existing account and wants to create a new one, the email has to be different. Although the data is retrieved and filled in the form, can be changed by the user.
     36[[Image(openid_registration.PNG, 420px)]]
     38As users can see there is a new feature at the top of the form, the !OpenId link account.
     40=== !OpenId link account
     41For those users who are already registered at TAP this new feature has a considerable relevance. TAP registered users can link their existing account to their !OpenId just by filling their username and password. Nevertheless, it is necessarily to follow the mentioned process and it is not possible to go directly to the link page due to security reasons.
     43[[Image(link_account.PNG, 420px)]]
     45If submit is successful no more steps are required. Users have to go to the login page and log in at TAP with their !OpenId.
    27 After successfully registering, a confirmation link is sent to the e-mail address provided.
     48= Request a group
    3049Then, group acceptance roles can be requested from the ''My groups'' section of your home menu. An agreement window will show the terms of use of the data which must be accepted before saving.