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Authorization scheme overview

As different data policies and terms of use apply to the datasets stored at the ECOMS-UDG, a fine-grained user authorization scheme has been implemented, based on different access roles which are provided under request.

Access to restricted datasets

Dataset availability is a function of the group to which the applicant belongs to. Currently there are four groups defined. Three of them correspond to the different FP7 projects conforming ECOMS (EUPORIAS, SPECS and NACLIM), and therefore applicants belonging to any of these groups can request an enrolment in the corresponding project(s) he/she is (officially) participating.'

Enrolment in any of these 3 groups is subject to explicit approval by project leaders in each case, and therefore group acceptance is not immediate, and may take some time. Acceptance is always confirmed via email to the applicant.

Membership to any of these three groups grants access to restricted datasets (ECMWF's System4 seasonal/annual forecasts).

Access to public datasets

A fourth group, (PUBLIC) has open access characteristics, and therefore project membership is not required in this case. Thus, users external to ECOMS can also apply, being the access automatically given in this case. Currently, three public datasets are available in this group: WATCH Forcing Dataset ERA-Interim (gridded observations), NCEP-NCAR (reanalysis) and CFSv2 hindcast (seasonal forecast).

In all cases, dataset access is conditioned to the acceptance of the particular usage terms and conditions.

Registration process

In order to obtain a user account, first register at the THREDDS Administration Panel (TAP) and fill in the required information (please also specify the institution and intended usage fields).

After successfully registering, a confirmation link is sent to the e-mail address provided.

Then, group acceptance roles can be requested from the My groups section of your home menu. An agreement window will show the terms of use of the data which must be accepted before saving.

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