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     1'''The SPECS-EUPORIAS Data Portal'''
     3Different sector-specific impact activities to be undertaken in [ SPECS] and [ EUPORIAS] projects require a reduced number of variables (typically at surface) from different data sources (mainly seasonal forecasts, reanalysis, and observations). The [ SPECS-EUPORIAS Data Portal] has been established by the Santander Meteorology Group (UC-CSIC) as part of the data management activities in these projects to provide a unique access for these impact-relevant variables, gathered from existing datasets. The data portal is based on a THREDDS data server providing metadata and data access using OPeNDAP and other remote data access protocols. Moreover, a user-friendly [ R] package has also been developed for exploring and remotely accessing subsets of data, thus reducing the burden of data access in these activities. This package will be also a key component for other tasks of the projects based on R, including the validation and downscaling packages to be developed within SPECS and sector-specific calibration and downscaling tools to be developed in EUPORIAS.
     5This trace/wiki page provides an up-to-date description of the SPECS-EUPORIAS Data Portal, including information of the available datasets and the documentation and code of the R package.
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