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The ECOMS useRportal

The European climate observations, modelling and services initiative (ECOMS) coordinates the activities of three concurrently running projects (EUPORIAS, SPECS and NACLIM). Different sector-specific impact activities to be undertaken in these projects require a reduced number of variables (typically at surface, but also at pressure levels for downscaling purposes) from different data sources (seasonal/decadal forecasts, reanalysis, etc.). The ECOMS useRportal has been established by the Santander Meteorology Group (UC-CSIC) as part of the data management activities in these projects to provide a unique access for these impact-relevant variables, gathered from existing datasets. The ECOMS useRportal is a gateway based on a THREDDS data server and a suite of tools for user-friendly data exploration, access and post-processing. Since R has been adopted for a number of tasks in these projects (validation, downscaling, etc.), a R package (useRaccess) for data exploration and access has been developed and new functionalities will be further developed according to the users' needs.

This trac/wiki page provides an up-to-date description of the ECOMS useRportal, including information of the available datasets and the documentation and code of the useRaccess Rdata access package. The following documents and links are the basic references to the SPECS-EUPORIAS Data Portal:

Contents of the wiki page:

  1. Data Server?
  2. Assessment of Users' Needs?
  3. R Package for Data Access?
  4. Other interfaces for Data Access?
  5. Known Problems and FAQs?
  6. Dissemination Activities?

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