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ERAInterim-ESD (daily means at 2º): A subset of commonly used predictors in statistical downscaling.

The ERAInterim-ESD dataset is formed by a reduced number of predictors (both at surface and at pressure levels) commonly used for Emphirical-Sstatistical Downscaling (ESD). This information has been prepared by the Santander Meteorology Group as part of the work done in the statistical downscaling portal, and is distributed in the framework of different international initiatives (such as CORDEX-ESD and VALUE) in order to have a standard predictor dataset and to facilitate the work of the contributing downscaling groups. This information has been downloaded from the ECMWF's MARS, degraded to a common 2 degrees grid and post-processed computing daily means based on the original 6 hourly fields when required.

Therefore, this dataset is a degraded and subset of the original ERA-Interim reanalysis dataset, which is freely available via ECMWF servers at original resolution.

This list will be extended in the future, based on the feedback and requests received from VALUE and CORDEX-ESD members.

Geospatial Coverage: Longitude: (-180º : 2.0º : 180º) Latitude: (-90º 2.0º : 90º)

Time Coverage: Start date: 01 ene 1979 End date: 01 ene 2013 Time resolutions: 24h

Variable Levels Times Units Temporal Aggregation
Minimum Temperature - - K Daily minimum value
Maximum Temperature - - K Daily maximum value
Total Precipitation - - m Dy accumulated value
Mean Sea Level Pressure - - Pa Daily Mean
2m Temperature 2m - K Daily mean
Geopotential 250 500 700 850 1000 mb - m2 s-2 Daily Mean
Temperature 250 500 700 850 1000 mb - K Daily Mean
U velocity 250 500 700 850 1000 mb - m s-1 Daily Mean
V velocity 250 500 700 850 1000 mb - m s-1 Daily Mean
Specific humidity 250 500 700 850 1000 mb - kg kg-1 Daily Mean