WikiPrint - from Polar Technologies

The User Data Gateway (UDG) builds on a THREDDS data server which provides different web interfaces to explore and access the datasets. For instance, the NetCDF Subset Service allows to select (and download as a NetCDF file) a subset of the data (some variables in a particular region for a particular time slice). In this example, we illustrate the use of this service to select geo-temporal data subsets from the ERA-Interim (predictors for downscaling) dataset (available for VALUE and CORDEX-ESD users).

We start by clicking in the link of the corresponding dataset

?Predictors from ERA-Interim

First of all, an authentication dialog will request a valid user name and password (see user registration for details).

The variables are stored as gridsets and, thus, auxiliary coordinate variables (lat, lon, time, member, etc.) should be handled for geo-temporal data referencing.

In the following we show how to use this service to explore the structure of the datasets and to obtain simple pieces of information in ASCII format.