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The User Data Gateway (UDG)

The User Data Gateway (UDG) is the one stop shop for climate data access maintained by the Santander MetGroup. The UDG builds on three components:

The authorization is organized in thematic groups, according to the data policies of different projects and international initiatives. Each group provides access to a particular catalog of datasets:

  • PUBLIC_DATA (open). Includes data from publicly available datasets: observations (WFDEI), reanalysis (NCEP reanalysis1), seasonal re-forecasts (CFS_v2). Variables.
  • SPECS, EUPORIAS and NACLIM (restricted to members of the above ECOMS projects). Provide access to private seasonal re-forecasts (System4) and reanalysis (ERA-Interim, JRA-55). Variables.
  • VALUE and CORDEX-ESD (restricted to project members). Provide access to a subset of standard statistical downscaling predictors from reanalysis (ERA-Interim, JRA-55). Variables.
  • ESGF-CORDEX. Interim group for accessing CORDEX datasets during ESGF shutdown.

A schematic view of the UDG is provided in the figure below.

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