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The User Data Gateway (UDG)

The User Data Gateway (UDG) is the main access point to the different data services provided by the Santander Meteorology group. The UDG builds on a a THREDDS Data Server, UDG-TDS) and on a web portal for user authorization (the THREDDS Administration Portal, UDG-TAP). In addition to the standard web interface to explore and download the datasets, the UDG includes different (R and Matlab) packages for accessing remotely subsets of the data. A schematic view of the UDG is provided in the figure below.

<ul> <li> The ECOMS data access R and Matlab packages allow accessing seasonal forecast data using a single command (see an example here). <li> The downscaleR package allows accessing observational and reanalysis datasets using a single command. </ul>

The group also supports a node of the <b>Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF)</b> which builds on the UDG-TDS and provides EURO-CORDEX simulations using the WRF model.

All these services build on the computing and storage infrastructure of the group.

<p style="background-color: rgb(255, 204, 204); These tools are jointly developed with different communities and are in continuous development (support from SPECS and EUPORIAS projects is acknowledged). </p>

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