UDG Services


Thredds Data Server is the tool to explore and access datasets in UDG. (More info...)


Thredds Access Portal manages the interaction among users, datasets and its restrictions. (More info...)


APIs based in R packages are provided for remote data access. (More info...)


The UDG Wiki contains all the knowledge needed to use UDG. (More info...)

UDG-TAP Features

User Registration

Anyone can register in UDG-TAP but you need your institutional email account to access to restricted datasets. You can also Log in directly using your OpenID.


Datasets are organised in groups which corresponds to projects, interests, etc. There are two types: open and restricted access.

Dataset restrictions

Some datasets have policy acceptance. That means, before applying for a group, you must accept the policies of the datasets in that group.

User Dataset Access

Restricted access groups are managed by a coordinator. The coordinator is usually a person who is involved in the group.